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Welcome to The Chinmi Information Center

Heavily Under Construction!!! - Within this site I hope to take off from where Bloomsbury suddenly ended. As you may know 'Ironfist Chinmi' or 'Kung Fu Boy Chinmi' as it is known in Japan is a manga or Japanese comic book made by Takeshi Maekawa. It is a wonderful manga and the original series is made up of 35 volumes (for more info see the manga section). Bloomsbury a UK book company translated volumes 1-12, and released them onto the childrens market. The series was brought to the USA by Dell under the name of 'Ironfist' and to France under the name of 'Tekken Chinmi' but these books are simply repackaged and translated UK editions. The series ended unfinished due to lack of interest by children and Bloomsbury have no plans to realease any more volumes... This is where we come in!